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Get Peace of Mind

With every passing day, technology is overtaking our daily lives. For many their phone is now a best friend. We rely on it for everything from saying “I love you” to breaking up, from checking bank accounts to investing, from sharing photo’s of the children to internet dating.

The pain points of damaging a phone, losing it, getting it stolen, contracting a virus, losing personal data or even losing your wallet and the cards in it results in high stress levels.

Fone Essential provide a comprehensive bundle of services essential to the well being of you and your smartphone.

Phone Insurance

Phone Insurance (worldwide cover)

FREE when you download the Fone Essential app

It's now more important than ever to stay connected - what would you do without your smartphone? More people everyday are becoming victims of theft: In Delhi alone, the number of mobile theft cases registered by 637% from 2011-14.

Fone Essential brings you complimentary insurance from The New India Assurance Company Limited and Howden Insurance Brokers India Pvt Ltd so that if something happens to your smartphone, you won't be without it for long.  You're covered for:

  • Accidental Drops & Damage
  • Spills & Liquid Damage
  • Theft

Mobile Security

Our powerful anti-virus software defends your smartphone's data, while anti-theft features let you find, lock and contact your lost or stolen android smartphone from anywhere.


Cards & Documents Store

Have your important info to hand when you need it - store images and details of your cards and important documents right here in the app.


Lost Wallet

Enables consumers to register all their cards in their wallet meaning that in the event of a lost wallet, cancelling and re-ordering is just one process with a few clicks.


Travel Guardian

Allows users to discretely record events when they feel in vulnerable situation by initiating ‘stealth mode’ with 5 shakes of the smartphone. Recordings are sent automatically to the cloud in real time creating important evidence in the event of an offence.

Why Fone Essential?

Fone Essential services are cheaper and more convenient - no need to buy services from 5 separate companies, deal with one and earn BIG discounts:-

Mobile Insurance usually costs 6-10% of the smartphone value – insurance on Rs10,000 smartphone would cost Rs1000 - source: AppsDaily quote engine

Cards & Documents costs Rs 750 - source:

Lost Wallet costs Rs 750 - source:

Mobile Security costs Rs 900 - source:

Travel Guardian - Personal Safety costs Rs 400 - source:

A combined cost of Rs 3,800 if you bough the services separately from other suppliers.

Fone Essential develop services in-house which means a unique commercial price can be provided.

For a Rs 10,000 value phone - our typical cost is approx Rs 580 + sales tax!